WeChat circle of friends to sell a couple of key chain my first experience to share the circle of fr

said WeChat marketing circle of friends, as a derivative of Waterloo suffered last year, everyone’s Micro circle of friends, this year a lot of deserted, but effectively do WeChat circle of friends, or Unlimited Business Opportunities. I have a friend in the cherry orchard, June is the season of cherry, the friend circle of friends sold by WeChat cherry, the first time, we shop almost everyone to buy a 5 pounds, was a box, a box of 35 yuan! Know do not know at first is holding a field, however. Through word-of-mouth, we say good, about 70% of the workers is through the WeChat cherry circle of friends for sale, the fire, he directly in the WeChat circle of friends to send pictures, tell everyone picking date, and then through the reservation, direct delivery. The process is so simple!

The original WeChat

circle of friends is so fun, I decided to try, because you have no fresh fruit resources, limited funds, plus after the choice, I found a couple key chain is not much talked about keys, including keys, locker keys, car keys, dormitory key…… According to different purposes, the key is also can be divided into various grades and ranks, a few dollars of cheap money, your tens of dollars, with keys for example, are generally two couples each take one, whether rental or key forward delivery housing for everyone, and take the goods and the cost is not high, short selling don’t worry about out expired metamorphism.


method is very simple, is our circle of friends, everyone is young, the lovers of key pictures and text directly to the WeChat circle, I am not the micro shop, direct is the kind of pictures and text, two times a day, a week does not repeat, a couple of key chains have a lot of style and even if a month does not repeat can do, because of their economic capacity and "vision", the so-called "vision" is by virtue of their own feelings in the styles of sell, but this "feeling" very quickly in the market has been tested in this era of personality, we really need all kinds of. Soon, there are people interested in the crowd, originally man soon to join, radiation friends circle of friends, their female friends of friends, is familiar, then a lot of strangers, because many people are living in the dormitory, "302 room to dance a small cartoon human companion key chain a pair of!" "409 room to Mazda a couple key chain"…… Upstairs and downstairs, hundreds of times, one day suddenly have a message: "a residential unit three, No. four to a romantic love for this!" where I asked several people, know about the location, buyers are renting couples, also workers, along with the dissemination of the circle of friends is more and more big, even I have to go to a dozen kilometers outside the delivery, because it was considered just sold in the factory area, so the commitment to free delivery, no thought as to so far, this is a bit too! How to do, the circle of friends are friends, a service is not in place, once everyone evaluation is very poor, so. It will affect the sales, then I want a way outside the factory, rent a house, then send a message in my circle of friends, if you need to buy, can go to the store to see the goods, variety is more complete. A month down

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