How to use free nternet resources to promote web site

Internet is rich in resources, but many companies lost some of the way the Internet, in the Internet and the wall products can ease the frustrated, promote their own after some rules of the game actually understand the Internet, the first to find out things for free and no input for the company to bring real benefits.

recently, Alibaba group $10 million acquisition of CNZZ, CNZZ is a major service in small and medium sized web site traffic statistics company, registered users 1 million 810 thousand, statistical services at the site of more than and 300. Ali recently a series of acquisitions, fully embodies the Ali group’s strategy, from the acquisition community site program PHPWIND, CNZZ traffic statistics can be seen, Ali group is to the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing channel more small and medium-sized webmaster resources integration, help small and medium-sized webmaster better network marketing, whether charges, this should see Ali dynamic now, here only for example the future of Internet marketing in the enterprise of sales will occupy a pivotal position. Now, let us look at the Internet can provide us with free


1, search engine optimization

The majority of

customers and potential customers access to resources is through the search engine, if the enterprise website search engine optimization for SEO station, a series of measures to fill the content, I believe that soon will get good rankings in search engines. This way is not to do keyword bidding to obtain, but the company arrange special personnel to do the work, let professional people to do professional things, the initial investment will be more energy, constantly update and optimization, the chain construction work late to rank stability, can have regular update work.

2, the use of e-commerce platform

Mention of

e-commerce platform, will not consciously thinking of Alibaba, from the domestic leading platform, but the platform does not provide free resources for us to use. We want to find some popularity is not so high, but a good reputation and huge development potential, the higher the weight of the stable flow, some emerging platform to do, because now the development of e-commerce model has been unable to copy the past, a lot of e-commerce platform already can’t collect membership fees by profit, and the platform will provide a lot of early free resources for enterprises to enjoy, but not to make use of these resources, and it is a waste of


why choose a good reputation, great potential, high weight, stable flow of emerging platforms?. An example of a new e-commerce show – the world’s factory network. I believe there is news of contact or enterprise all know, free registration become the factory of the world network of enterprise members can obtain a three level domain name website, as long as a little care, can get good rankings in search engines, which benefited from the world’s factory net home page weight is very high. Flow stability can get more potential customers browse to the probability. Potential, good reputation platform, future development

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