Talk about whether we are suitable for profiteering promotion

we say that the network is virtual, yes, for us, the Internet is a virtual thing, but as users continue to flock to the Internet, but also towards the direction of the mobile Internet in aggregation. So now WeChat, QQ space and micro-blog to promote our product exposure is still relatively high. Have to say, in the ever-changing Internet, we are really false, we know that there are many from the media in recent years have become fat, these are doing the explosion products, and some of his popularity is indeed relatively high, do more than customers, then earn it is of course much.

for profiteering products, for me, we are divided into two categories:

first category: do high profit product advertising, such as watches, slimming cars and other products

second: advertise the use of garbage, the background has hundreds of thousands of millions of fans, the actual amount of fans only ten thousand or twenty thousand or less, the actual price of No. two hundred or three hundred, but to the customer quotation may be two thousand or three thousand or more than 1 thousand. This is for those small customers who may cheat them, but to understand the point of the market is now aware of the price, there is no price.

the last time I met a customer, he wants to use my micro-blog to promote his product, I gave him the lowest, more than and 400, but he said that I am very shocked, so I would like to ask the blogger to use his resources to help me promote what he is, how to say? He said: "why is it so expensive, is also need to look forward to more than and 400, I contacted a person he said help me promote a year before more than and 500." I was shocked, is to help you brush a fan or a point of praise is not only the equivalent of more than and 500 every day, every day we have a promotion price down more. At that time, I was shocked, if you can really help me to promote a year, and the quality of the number of words, in addition to the price of two plus one year I would like to promote zero.

why customers say this, the main reason is that there are two:

first: customers do not understand the industry

we stand in the perspective of consumers think that, if we just contact the industry, of course we are thinking about prices as low as possible, and the amount of fans this number is very high, the effect certainly promotion is also good, but neglected one problem, that is, whether this is true fans. This is all we can be judged by the amount of reading to see screenshot statistics of the background of the.

second: the promotion of some operators to seize the customers want cheap to promote heart garbage, may the number inside fans are basically zombie fans, the price is very cheap, once can earn thousands of dollars, but has no effect on the fans.

so our WeChat public numbers to promote the cost of such a high it?


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