WeChat X is a very profitable way to make money to lose money

for the network we can always find some good ways to make money, but there are a lot of ways to do a good job, and some people can not do it well. Ma Yun said that a first-class creativity, the implementation of the three streams, I would rather like a first-class execution, the idea of the three stream. A lot of time marketing is actually also in execution. So think of a good marketing approach to adhere to the implementation of the. Below I share with you a very hot cattle X WeChat marketing to make money, but this method will soon fail. So what you want to do is to do it right away.


I would like to have a lot of friends have tried in peacetime, there will be some friends from time to time to ask him to help him share the point of praise in the inside of the WeChat. Recently, I have received a lot of such requests, and these friends in fact, usually do not love the petty. So in the end what is the reason to make them so crazy mass information to pull old friends to set it? It was a gift to send ah! There are more powerful is also a few friends call me like the same point of sharing.

because they are friends, I will help, because of the human. But sometimes I find it interesting to find out what they share. Some time ago, I know this is a new WeChat marketing methods, the first popular in the beginning of the year. Below I will talk to you about the operation of this marketing method.

sets like to send gifts operation method:

launched a campaign in the WeChat circle of friends, which send some goods and gifts or to publicize information (can also be a number of public concern, etc.) indicate the number of public concern, XXX, as long as the active content to share their circle of friends and to collect X friends point praise can free of charge to the public number XXX for the picture of the gift.

the benefits of this set of gift giving methods:

one: you can promote more people to pay attention to your public number.

two: can promote their own shop or store.

three: you can also sell goods to make money.

the marketing method is to use a small gift is a very low cost of things so that countless people to share your information into their circle of friends and pay attention to your public number. The face does not need to spend money to move your finger to the gift activities, will certainly have a lot of friends willing to participate. If it is to see their love gift, he would like to play with blood like to call someone to praise. Because in the circle of friends that we are aware of, the vast majority of people will help a small busy point of praise.

effect: help point like certainly someone will love these gifts or petty, there will be an endless supply of people to share this piece of content. Of course, the ultimate benefit of you, to give a small gift to let people who love petty cheap to help you promote, so that more people are concerned about your goods. As long as you are attracted to the goods will be a lot of orders. Even today

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