Brand website content system to build the overall narrative style is better than the original

"on the Internet brand building is made of high quality content and services in exchange for the trust of users of the site content (process)," Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" so to elaborate web content (service) plays a key role in the network brand construction system.

as everyone knows, unlike books, magazines and other traditional publications, web content structure is more open, the content of it for a long time in an unfinished state; creation of more than traditional books that a small number of people, the vast majority of readers passively accept "cramming" ideas or knowledge, especially in the era of the WEB2.0 website. It emphasizes more users to participate in the content of the website (service) construction, continuously improve the theme and content, to attract more people to participate in reviews, reprint (content gain).

This makes

all site content builders are facing a huge problem, you must find the content topic paid more attention to potential users constantly (special service), the potential demand to stimulate more potential users, and constantly improve their services, to meet the needs of most of the vast majority of users.

The characteristics of

media sites such as determines the content is the majority of small and medium-sized website development the biggest obstacle — content construction (unique service) must be added daily regular add, and not simply to add content and add – even ZAC also said with deep feeling: "for me, the biggest problem (site SEO) is the content of the website".

website "almost inaccessible," Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" is that owners with SEOER: "the content of the website construction should comply with the theme", "the construction of website service website core value".

website core value is to build the content system of stationmaster unremittingly continuously, correct and improve their own original website idea in practice, is to continue to meet all the potential target users new demands, in order to get more customers, make your site to trust even a sense of dependence, eventually achieve the original intention — Building the brand website builder.

Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" stressed: "the content of the website should be user oriented, an ordinary visitor search engine website only, is to meet the needs of users of original content".

so how can you keep looking for the content of the potential users to meet the unique needs of their individual needs?

I think, your mind must first have a "ideal website style" in Jesus’s words "seek and you will find, knock and it will be open to him" is, you must first know what to look for yourself? What kind of knock at the door? And the quality of your website (including content construction) is determined by the extent to which you believe in the "ideal website style" in your mind.


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