New marketing guide 5 steps to help you choose the best advertising scheme


gives you the enterprises to choose the best advertising scheme needs to consider many factors, including your own experience and ability, because it determines whether you can develop and manage to what extent do you campaign, including your expected cost budget, of course there are other factors. The following five steps will help you choose the best solution for your business.


A. determine your customer

if you want to spend money on advertising every point on the edge, and to reach your desired effect, then you will be necessary to determine your customers (such as demographic characteristics, geographic location, interests, activities and so on).

two. Determine your target

you need to know what you want your customers to do after they see the ad campaign to achieve your goals. For example, visit my store, participate in the investigation, become loyal fans, etc..

three. Make sure your budget is

your budget tells you what you can do about it. Small budget if used in too many suppliers, it is difficult to produce the expected impact on the market, so the small budget is usually used for some relatively simple advertising program. The big budget allows you to have more flexibility to take a different approach, and in this case, you need to make more complex plans and cooperation contracts.

four. Determine your location

80% of the benefits of

enterprises are created by the strategy of 20%. Industry reports and activity tracking recorders are often based on experience. Here are some examples of methods that might be helpful to your business.

#1 "test the water" approach:

you just started advertising, and you don’t have much budget. Many companies in this category will consider the use of search advertising, consider the search provider’s search volume, self-management tools and pricing to choose.

#2 "ring" method:

your budget is usually a little more, and your goal is to ensure that your ads as much as possible to allow customers to see. You may want to do some brand promotion activities, or some of the cost of each action is not good calculation activities. Your advertising will include search, advertising networks, ad publishers, daily transactions and social advertising, etc.. The most popular publishers and ad networks will be the corresponding advertising providers. However, the length of the supply depends on the size of each action they give.

#3 "money is spent only on completion" approach:

you have a lot of budget, so you can bargain with most suppliers to choose the type of supply network you want. If your business model is only used to pay for visitors,

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