QQ space from the media those things

Friday, sunny.

yesterday joined the push group, in fact, this recommendation, I have been doing for some time.

careful friends will find that my recent talk will appear today". Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

strictly speaking, I do this today’s recommendation and can not be counted as a push each other, because I just recommend others, and the person was not recommended to recommend me. In fact, this is not the most important, it is important to share the network, circle sharing.

talked about the circle, we have to talk about this year’s very popular pay circle. Pay is a trend, but also a manifestation of value. However, the current pay circle can be described as what is dragons and fishes jumbled together, can make a circle of charges. How this is done to


now pay circle as if the training industry, many people see the training industry to make money, immediately follow up, in fact, he will not.

so, it is recommended to go home to learn more, really have the ability to come out later.

of course, there are many valuable circles, it is worth paying. However, these circles need to clear, not confused with the garbage.

in addition to pay circle, this year there are also popular media.

QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat public platform, blog, today’s headlines, Sohu from the media, Baidu, etc. are all used in the media platform.

today to talk about the first QQ space from the media.

a lot of people are relying on QQ space to build from the media brand, in fact, this idea is very good, because the cohesion of the QQ space is very good, the fans churn rate is also low.

do not mention the fans, we know that a personal contact with 2000 QQ number, and now the market value of how much?

is no exaggeration to say that at least twenty thousand.

Why is

worth so much?

because these are the database, if used properly, it is easy to earn this number, and QQ, WeChat these are strong relationships, liquidity than micro-blog, subscription number is much stronger.

if you add fans on the QQ number,


can imagine, the value will be greater.

so, it may also be a lot of people from the media to choose QQ space as another important reason from the media platform.

so, operating QQ space from the media, need to pay attention to what matters?

1, Avatar

avatar means that people first impression of you, as if to go out every day to wash your face. Head can be cartoon, hand-painted, realistic, and so on, what is not important, it is important for you

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