How to do private hospital micro-blog marketing

network marketing has been inseparable from the social networking platform, medical network marketing, of course, is no exception. The emergence of every new social networking platform, will inevitably spawned many related marketing. 2010, micro-blog began to be popular in the country, with more and more people’s attention, the use of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing environment has been formed. Many well-known companies or products successfully use micro-blog marketing to bring their own great success, then the private hospital is suitable for the use of micro-blog to do marketing private hospital micro-blog marketing how to do it?

currently many hospitals have paid great attention to micro-blog marketing, but the real successful operation of the hospital is less and less, the official V account with many hospitals registered, seemingly lively, actually inside with a lot of dead powder, zombie fans. Invalid fans too much, no promotion on this number of natural marketing can not have much impact.

caused this situation, on the one hand, the intensity of the intensity of the medical industry itself is concerned, on the other hand, with the hospital micro-blog update content strategy. In the past micro-blog update is not content with the hospital advertising, to now bombarded; strategy change, many of them to publish science, knowledge content, in which incidentally with hospital information or preferential release activities, but these 2 schemes are difficult to account brings popularity.

so private hospital micro-blog marketing how to do it? Then the author according to their own practice to talk with you, how to use the specific micro-blog to do a marketing promotion for a hospital.

1, brand building: Official micro-blog

to build a hospital official micro-blog, it is best to pass certification. Updated regularly every day to maintain fans. Advertising content as little as possible, more interaction with the fans, in addition to the official micro-blog professional is the key to update the content to be authoritative. The first step is the foundation.

2, expert marketing: personal micro-blog

to the various departments of the hospital in the name of the individual doctor to open micro-blog, through the certification of the best. This step is the key, the hospital is dead, the expert is living, the hospital since micro-blog failed to attract popularity, then to micro-blog to micro-blog for expert traffic hospital. At present, many private hospitals are employed in the local hospital Zuozhen experts, have a certain visibility, easy to popularize. Here are some key points:

(1) expert information must be true, fans can find specific information on the internet. Avatar using expert life, data annotation is a director of a certain hospital.

(2) micro-blog content diversification, can be in the name of a person to talk about the view of a disease, such as premarital sexual behavior caused by the spread of people with many hospitals or hospital; personal life; special case patients; forward social hot topics and so on, preferential content publishing hospital or special activities in the hospital micro-blog when appropriate forwarding comments under.

(3) expert micro-blog, >

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