SMS marketing sharp marketing shine

now the Internet has been referred to as the fifth media, and the same generous luster as well as mobile phones, and now the prevalence of mobile phones and the prevalence of 3G also let everyone start to pay attention to SMS marketing. Of course, this is also known as the thumb economy, the arrival of the Internet marketing for you to bring people to do another marketing tool.

now can receive text messages about the weather forecast on the communications, on the economy, a popular news information and so on, I think everyone’s mobile phone in the receiving text messages will be opened to see it, and just this is much better than email marketing, but also more effectively. And now the phone can access the Internet, you can accept the convenience of mail, etc., but also to solve the inconvenience of carrying a computer.

also the arrival of the era of 3G, but also to make SMS marketing becomes more convenient and fast, to see the powerful advantage of SMS marketing it:

is the first SMS coverage is very broad, but also directly to consumers, now SMS interaction is more and more popular, has become a variety of business activities or SMS marketing means or is one of the tools, and send SMS is relatively fast, and is very accurate, according to statistics, the general mobile phone to Send a text message it only takes about a second time, on this basis, one day can send about 86400 messages, and now do marketing messages do not need to be so complicated, you only need to use the SMS software can.

Release cost

SMS marketing is also very cheap, everyone knows that a message needs only 1 cents, but if you use a short letter words cheaper, but this form is not equal to the bombing of advertising, so does not affect the enterprise product image.

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