How to do a good job using Sina micro promotion

promotion plays an important role in the enterprise network marketing, in the process of promotion activities often need to pay attention to many details, especially to focus on the platform selection and reasonable use, analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the platform, the only way to avoid weaknesses, the effect of expanding promotion activities, to avoid bad the consequences of. With the advent of new products on the Internet, more and more enterprises to conduct in-depth research, and it is so Sina micro bar into the eyes of many companies. How to make use of sina micro do activities to promote it? This has become a topic of discussion for most marketers. The author of the recent activities of some of the micro plan better case analysis and summary, here to talk about personal experience, and I hope to communicate with colleagues, and common progress.

1, lock the local area, use the area bar


micro bar to the local user groups in the process of locking and promotion activities should choose the local city and the surrounding city, it can effectively lock the target, targeted, the crowd has been locked, admission and then will be able to improve the efficiency, can improve the final result. Of course, in the choice of sina’s Micro promotional activities, we must study the local network market, namely the city’s attention micro user groups, user attention more and more valuable, to a greater extent in the event information will be fully demonstrated, to expand its marketing efforts. At the same time should grasp the distribution of user browsing, especially the control of the plate and browse the distribution of time control, which is more conducive to the first time the information presented to the eyes of more users.

2, improve the professional degree of activity

professional is very important, is directly related to the real user’s trust, in order to improve the activities of professional degree, in the Sina micro-blog promotion, Sina’s official micro and should cooperate with Sina’s official micro account authority and popularity, the activity increased to another level, directly to the user feel the authenticity of the enterprise a sense of trust, transient activity can also improve the corporate image, if the short-term promotions persevere, as can be imagined when a breakthrough effect, critical point, promotion benefits will gradually appear, and later also will be expanding, immeasurable.

3, the theme of the reality and the temptation to

theme must grasp the correlation, at the same time, we should pay more attention to the reality and temptation in the promotion before, should have a clear theme, but must also take into account the practical problems, promotion activities should not be boastful words, which should be realistic. Not only that, want to get more user attention in the title conception should be clear, writing skills must be strong, can attract the attention of readers, so as to conduct the next step. Secondly, the need to grasp the temptation of the theme of the activity, the greater the degree of temptation, of course, the better the effect.

4, hospital interaction

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