How to win the future development of dating sites


is responsible for this marriage proposal dating ( reasons, in recent years, in addition to the promotion and development of the idea of marriage proposal nets, nature also began to focus on the development trend of the dating network industry, leisure time, but also try to analyze current situation in the entire industry, expecting to set this online dating to find a bright future road.

what is the status quo of Chinese domestic dating network? With a common saying should be a bright future, bumpy road.

today, "the market dating network with male social status under the 3S lady" has become increasingly popular, many venture capitalists several years ago will have $China bet on China’s online marriage, and marriage market staged a war. However, this is not the blood of war seems to come too fast, too hard to fight, their only staking the limelight, only for become the focus of media attention, but forget the audience (user) is the protagonist of the play". In order to attract audience attention, increase the amount of registered users, improve the visibility, the dating website at Xueben speculation from the bounty on a whoop and a holler, a matchmaker, to the well-known host reported their inexplicable in a dating website, and then to the traditional dating service is keen on speculation rich marriage, reflects the current marriage network a "grandiose" wind. The original "simple, sincere, the traditional" marriage event into a "grandiose, noisy, vanity, worship of the child," the pursuit of love, to serve the public "original intention of marriage is abandoned, part of the marriage service agencies and dating network has been significantly abnormal development trend.


this "grandiose" wind, many dating sites and marriage service institutions are only left on the surface, very little to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, purely commercial purposes, will breed a variety of problems, such as lack of confidentiality can lead to loss of membership, membership of the audit mechanism of personal information is not strictly a result of membership information false, and breed a variety of marriage fraud. A very real data, according to the detection of this marriage proposal network intelligence police monitoring system of more than half a year, every 100 new registered users, there will be 1 to 2 false marriage information, every 1000 new users, there will be 1 to 1.2 marriage fraud into occupation. You can imagine, who claims to have tens of millions of members of the marriage network, is only the occupation of marriage fraud should be? If a site has tens of thousands of liar, you are a marriage, what is the probability of experiencing a liar, what is the probability of being lied to? This dating network do you still dare to trust you


this is not sensational, not exaggeration, it has become an indisputable fact. After I heard a female zhenghunzhe in less than a week’s time have been cheated 38 thousand yuan case, decided at all costs to increase the network intelligent monitoring and control system of the police. In order to let users don’t in this marriage proposal online cheated. Whether it is the strength or popularity, this marriage proposal nets in China are ranked on the forefront, but is at home who is known as the most strict >

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