Flipkar raised the Commission behind the ndia electricity supplier platform and the seller’s honeym

Abstract: electricity supplier sellers on the electronic business platform is very important, however, in the past few months, the relationship between India electric business platform and electricity supplier sellers began to become tense.


sellers plays a vital role in promoting the development of electronic business platform, electronic business platform to attract sellers can enrich their product range, but may also attract more potential users to business platform for shopping. However, in the past few months, the relationship between India electric business platform and electricity supplier sellers began to become tense.

reason is that the electricity supplier giant Flipkart India for financial pressure, raised the proportion of electricity supplier sellers on the platform commission. This makes a lot of electricity supplier sellers threatened to withdraw from the platform, and its rival Amazon took the opportunity to cut the commission ratio Snapdeal. They want to snatch more sellers from Flipkart, in order to weaken the opponent to strengthen themselves.

overall, the benefits of electronic business platform to the seller is enormous, the platform can bring a huge amount of consumers to the seller. And this is the line can not be given under the store. But the electricity supplier platform for the electricity supplier seller is too strong, the platform often does not inform the seller in the case of unilateral policy adjustments. The sellers can only passively obey, which made the sellers complain incessantly.


images from YourStory, Amazon lowered Commission 1-7%, Flipkart increased 5-9%, Snapdeal reduced the Commission

specific to the seller

sellers complain incessantly

platform unilaterally raise the Commission is to let the electricity supplier sellers the most headaches. In addition, the transparency of the platform in terms of fees and transaction data also allow sellers to feel dissatisfied. Sellers reflect the electricity supplier platform just to send them an e-mail to inform them that the Commission has been raised but no explanation for the standard.

platform not only that, pick up fees, freight, maintenance fees, fees also increased the proportion of single back in case the seller without prior notice. To this end, the seller had to raise the price of goods in order to recover losses. In other words, the electricity supplier platform may be indirectly regulated by the seller of commodity prices.

in other areas, due to increased logistics costs caused by the return has been plagued by sellers and electronic business platform. Flipkart return period for 30 days, now reduced to 10 days. In addition, Flipkart also email the seller said: if consumers return, the seller will be charged for freight, reverse transport costs, delivery and packaging fees. However, the platform will not be charged to the seller returns Commission and repair costs.

this email makes sellers feel very painful. Some sellers said that many of the goods returned have been damaged, and some have even been replaced by consumers, which caused very

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