Solutions lead to buy network into a dangerous period of the underlying causes

has let the electricity business investors extremely crazy to buy, once the rapid development of the group, has attracted much attention of consumers buy…… Today, the group is no longer hot, and even dangerous. What is the reason for leading industry group purchase in just over a year’s time, there has been a change in such a bad day?

group purchase goods "discount" plan by consumers through

there are so many consumers pay attention to buy, a big reason is to buy goods in the price advantage, businesses through the low price strategy to attract the attention of consumers. But soon, consumers will come to realize that the so-called "low price" is actually just the beginning of the price increase. Many businesses in the group before the event, will deliberately increase the price of the product, to ensure that there are more discounts in the group buying activities.

however, the ruse was soon seen through smart consumers. Now, the majority of consumers in the first time to see the product is to buy Taobao search to see if the price is really so low. In this way, businesses to implement on the price cheap trick will be exposed. Once such a situation continues for several months, consumers will lose confidence in the buy, buy network cooling is inevitable thing.

business product quality problems, leading to buy site credit impaired

in fact, many businesses do buy purpose is to put a lot of hoarding, itself is not good to sell, and even the quality of the goods sold out. But the network itself has not been able to group purchase of all products offered are test screening, this will lead to a lot of consumers to purchase a lot of dissatisfied with their own products in the group purchase website, which led to the affected credit group purchase website.

Taobao Juhuasuan’s launch, so that the network by buying

impact on the domestic electricity supplier is still the largest site Taobao, Taobao launched the Juhuasuan strategy, the domestic market to buy the entire group began to tilt Taobao. Taobao with a low price and huge product resources, making Juhuasuan become the most powerful buy platform. Attracted a large number of consumer concerns, but also to other groups buy site great blow.

buy site can be seen everywhere, gradually reducing the attractiveness of

After the

group purchase gradually and "low" equate, it is used by the majority of commercial enterprises. Electricity supplier website is not only in the group buying site for product promotion, in their own website, and even some non buy site platform to buy gimmicks to do marketing. This makes the site gradually lost the original nature of the group, the group can also be seen everywhere to make it their own humble.

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