Derivative of a way of life V shop mode full secret


] the state power network for more than a month ago, "V store" low-key debut soon, because Yu Minhong is behind investors and rapid attention.

in the micro shop products everywhere, and Tencent have generous investment’s pocket shopping micro shop background, V shop seems to "catch a late set". What is this last card? How to move forward in the industry has been full of doubt? Billion state power network is understood from the big V shop, V shop founder Wu Fanghua partners to the following information, they basically are the key elements of V to store is different from the existing micro shop products:


Yu Minhong recently appeared big V shop conference and make a speech (the right one for the founder of the big V shop Wu Fanghua)

a, from the media alliance attribute

maybe noticed the micro business groups over a period of time because of the brush sellers circle of friends caused outrage, V shop looking for self media attribute mother group, encourage sellers to develop their own public number, a field from their own good, have the right to speak of the production of high quality content. In order to attract users precise content, cultivate a sense of trust, and then with the shopping guide. Therefore, from this point of view, the future of the big V store buyers will be buyers in a field of private shopping guide.

two, unified supply, commission

although large V store terminal sellers are individual sellers, but these sellers are not the direct owner of the goods, but more similar to Taobao off role.

it is understood that all of the big V shop suppliers are supplied by the big V store official. According to Wu Fanghua introduction, the V shop supply includes children’s books, toys, milk powder, Home Furnishing, children’s clothing, toiletries and other vendors, including Lego, Chicco, cowshed, miso, aptamil brands such as maternal and child and a number of press.

in this case, the big V shop sellers do not need to find their own sources, and all the goods is a large party V store, the seller is the main sales commission.

it is worth noting that, although the V shop is responsible for delivery, but Wu Fanghua said, it is not selected team, V shop all selected by the seller, and then by V shop to the upstream procurement.

three, unified warehousing and logistics

which is a big V shop and important different major domestic micro shop platform at present, the choice of all the seller’s shipping and logistics and distribution, therefore, sellers need to self warehouse, also do not need their delivery.

billion state power network has learned, the current V shop through the warehouse and third party logistics service provider, the way to solve the problem of logistics distribution. Its cooperation in warehousing and logistics services, including cross-border easy, COSCO International, Guangzhou and Ningbo bonded warehouse, etc..

four, cross-border import business will play an important role in

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