Alibaba sealed off more than 6 thousand sellers brush single letter at this stage will still live we

recently fired brush single channel platform blue sky stores main network operators Yang couple in the supervision of the business of the investigators, closed five years of operation of the site. This brush site over the past five years, water more than $100 million. Alibaba search team this year, more than a month, the more than 220 thousand brush sellers sentenced to drop right punishment, and another more than 6 thousand sellers were closed shop.


The historical evolution of


is now a single brush in the online shopping industry and even the Internet is still difficult to enucleation of tumor. Brush history can be said to represent the history of the development of China’s e-commerce and electricity supplier technology development history. With the continuous adjustment of the rules of the platform, a variety of brush single technology is endless, the interpretation of the pattern of unparalleled prosperity of e-commerce.

early brush no organization, many sellers are looking for friends and family brush, so it seems to be very pure. In the process of the pros and cons of a round of technical upgrading of the birth of a lot of brush genre, such as QQ group brush single, free trial brush, brush single platform, sellers brush group, Taobao guest brush, brush single chair, etc..


brush flow chart

2014 Taobao

single brush into the national brush single year unprecedented, some people think that is mainly to Alibaba listed on the need for performance, but the Alibaba denied, so businesses mistook Taobao to prevent scalping strategies as Taobao brush single signal at. During the introduction of a high force grid tool, order detection – that can be used after the end of the brush with the official tool for the detection, no problem on the brush, there is a problem on the order to delete the problem. So, the businessman to understand this as Taobao connivance brush signal, go all out to compete with the brush technology.

a lot of brush single company and presided over the year to earn pours, even part-time brush hands also made a considerable sum of money. Some businesses thousands of single brush daily, and even some you can brush fifty thousand of sales are a piece of cake.

single brush, fried the enormous benefits of

industry chain channel chaos behind

category brush out a Taobao explosion, the interests of the objective, the corresponding single brush, fried letter team can get a lot of revenue. In the past few years, brush Corps has earned considerable benefits. Especially the boss behind those who have a lot of stores of resources, presided over the recruitment of several effective management of several single brush QQ group, income is difficult to measure. But such a single brush, fried letter, to the consumer has brought huge losses. A lot of stores to charge, even substandard products, but because the brush into the explosion models, the store also earned pours. Single brush, fried letter has become a huge gray industrial chain.

single brush, fried letter behavior, to consumers and the entire online shopping market has brought a very bad impact. Some of the stores did not want a single brush.

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