Amoy responded to Jingdong statement statistics from the system crawl

February 1st morning news, a scouring network official micro-blog today issued a statement, said the price statistics from their own monitoring system to capture the collection of shopping sites, Jingdong involved in the list. Prior to Jingdong has accused a Amoy Jingdong price related data for fabrication.


Amoy network announced B2C price monitoring data


a scouring network micro-blog statement

              Alibaba group Amoy network B2C price monitoring data released yesterday, day Cat mall leading rival Jingdong "Rose", at the beginning of October, prices rose more than 15%. Jingdong mall responded that today, this is the evil behavior completely unfounded, unfounded.

Amoy network later released a statement in the official micro-blog, known as comparison shopping search platform, the statistical data from its own price monitoring system on the shopping site price information included in the Jingdong to grab, natural column. (Wen Xi)

below is the full text of the statement:

Amoy network yesterday announced last year Q4 B2C of the whole network business commodity price index report, statistical data from its own price monitoring system for more than 5000 shopping site price information included in the crawl, Jingdong as a B2C site in the list to nature.

at the present stage, the price is still one of the factors that consumers are more concerned about, as a comparison shopping search platform, a Amoy network to help them make more transparent shopping decisions.

in fact, after the report was released a number of industry insiders expressed support, they think B2C prices is a good thing for the electricity supplier industry, will guide the B2C from the burn to health management.

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