From the red child to Bei Bei network of maternal and child online shopping market changes

industry prevails in a word, "the woman and the child’s best to earn money, and baby market is dedicated women and children earn money, but in the online shopping market of maternal women and children, looks like the money is not so easy to earn.

red child appeared to change the maternal and child consumption market

once upon a time, the emergence of red children, changed a large number of 80 mothers shopping habits, while the red child in 2012 seems to show that the loss of maternal and child online shopping market may not be so good to do.

red child was founded in 2004, mainly through the telephone directory, the early development of channel sales baby category of goods, in 2006 launched the "red child website" to start the development of online sales of baby products, after 2010 to accelerate line transformation, further in 2011 launched the "bean purchase website" business of cosmetics, food, etc. with the female customer category Home Furnishing.

A microcosm of the history of

red child can be seen as the domestic maternal electricity supplier market, from the telephone directory, such as the traditional way of shopping early, to catch up with the tide of e-commerce for 06 years, the red child a stride forward singing militant songs, in 2010 the turnover reached 1 billion yuan, which was the largest domestic vertical maternal electricity supplier website.

in red child driven, maternal online shopping market is gradually mature, and at this time, with Dangdang, Jingdong to enter the maternal online shopping market, coupled with Taobao share of maternal online shopping nearly half of the market, the maternal online shopping increasingly fierce market competition. So, in 11 years, the red child to get rid of the bottleneck in the growth of maternal and child market, female consumer groups rely on previously accumulated, launched the "bean purchase" website, began to expand the beauty, food etc. categories.

With the deepening of

category to expand the good times don’t last long, the logistics strategy, red child rates continue to increase, on the other hand, the major electricity providers have to enter the maternal online shopping market environment, red children also began to fall in the maternal and child market share, not only sales decline, because of the price war consumption, margins are falling.

from the beginning of 11 years, the development of red children deteriorated, and the serious impact of deterioration, far beyond the imagination of the outside world. With the deterioration of the internal contradictions intensified, the outbreak of the red child, not only a serious rift between the founders, the employers and the red child more contradictions shield with the dual role of the red child makes the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, in 2012 the rapid fall, even also broke serious losses, insolvency and other rumors.

rumors turned into reality, the red child failed to turn the tide rise again in September in 12 years, at a price of $66 million sold to suning. However, the acquisition of the red child, Suning has been a new development opportunity.

with Suning electricity supplier in the field of investment increasing, category expansion become Suning 12 years of focus on the layout, after the successful acquisition of the red child, quickly incorporated redBaby mother and beauty two team. At the beginning of 2013, Suning is more open for the children under the line store, since

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