From WeChat to Alipay red ten years Bill social marketing trend by 20 thousand and 140 cases

at the end of 2013, I wrote an article in the tiger sniffing an impressive ten social marketing case in 2013, when the article is almost the first system inventory of social marketing in 2013 article. Now to the end of 2014, the situation has a year ago and there is a big difference in my writing before there have been a lot of media in the inventory of social marketing case this year, the case has nothing new to count, so I will be in this year to borrow some excellent cases to discuss the characteristics and trends of social marketing in 2014.

product innovation driven marketing

a product to be successful, the more important factor is the product or marketing? This question has been debated marketing problems, but I can confirm that a bad product even if the marketing is good, it is difficult to go far. In the era of social media, the success of marketing is more closely related to the product itself, because social media can quickly enlarge the characteristics of a product. In 2014 we seem to be increasingly rare through a transmission Big idea "detonated social network" case, on the contrary, we find that the marketing idea more and more is to increase the added value of the product itself, so that the products of travel.

product innovation is an important step in this marketing approach, these products are not only is amazing, but also has the characteristics of easy to spread, with the help of social media platforms, they tend to have spread rapidly in 2014, such products that do not group.

1, WeChat red

WeChat red was born in early 2014, in fact, WeChat is not red red social pioneer, the eve of the lunar new year in January 23rd, Alipay in WeChat red before the launch of a "red envelopes" and "get lucky", we can not judge whether WeChat uses this feature Alipay, but 3 days later, WeChat red line and quickly, with the irreversible tendency to detonate WeChat, it broke out in the second round of the Spring Festival, many people even changing the habits of the Spring Festival Red envelopes.

does not consider whether WeChat uses Alipay’s creative, single take WeChat red the product itself, it is a hundred-percent innovation, it subverts the traditional red envelopes, let Chinese red envelopes used by the WeChat platform (which is also a strong relationship between Fu Baoxian creative, but failed to detonate. The reason is more convenient to achieve). The success of WeChat’s red envelope is also elaborated Xu Zhibin’s theory of "information flow in the chain of relations".

2, face MOE

sometime this summer, WeChat opened the mail list, you will find a lot of friend’s head into the two dimensional interesting creatures, and you will find the picture and look at your friend I am quite similar, the cause of this situation is a born less than half of the APP – Adorable face. Face MOE is a comic tool products, many people are comic enthusiasts, but because they are not good at painting, and therefore can not enjoy the fun of painting, the face of the emergence of these people quickly Meng

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