This is the beginning of the draft


confusion than manuscript

these years I attended more than draft, the heart is not the end, more and more timid and uncertain. Sometimes win, sometimes lost, and many of the reasons for guessing, do not understand. Round said, than the release is a very stupid thing, a few weeks, the two meeting will determine not to long-term cooperation, which is now before the parents arranged marriage what is the difference? Having said so, but the reality is very difficult to escape than release. Recently, I have received more and more strange than the invitation, even in China, the staff of more than ten people who want to invite us to join. Not because of who I have less family discrimination, this embryonic stage of what they want to do in the end want to understand? If you don’t want to understand that advertising companies to end this last result backseat driver, the decision of how to set? I will nieyibahan for customers.


customer distress

each time to participate in the draft, I sincerely said to the customer: "you have worked hard!" this time, the requirements of the customer than the advertising company much more. Internal consultation and discussion, to weigh the pros and cons of each agent, but guess who proposal is big, who really sure to get things done. The last bet on all the budget and results, the risk may not know what the next day will pick a winner. Think about it, do not want to go to the casino guess the size of the big difference. The more things that appear to be systems science, the less standard and the better.

the most troubling, in fact, the customer is not expected to be within the unified value of the company. Some leaders want to find good service, some want to find creative, some want to find isstead. The selection of different dimensions to make the decision to become more precarious.


advertising company hat trick

I have seen a full tension than the draft, beautiful and beautiful documents, creative bold and innovative, the proposal of the dynamic. I have seen the kind of honest, conscientious to the needs of customers, the 1234 page of the corresponding answer. Of course, there are too bold to completely reverse the needs of customers, but also ready to rush, a pile of problems. But no matter what type of proposal, advertising companies in the negotiations on new business practices are increasingly impetuous and uneasy.

a lot of so-called creative hot shop and cutting-edge advertising companies, are obsessed with creativity is king. Give customers a bunch of spray done their own success stories, mention some new approaches to the air after a lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, talking, customers are said to feel excited, open eyes, to see the really creative. Even what they need is forgotten because of joy. Is this really in the draft or in dazzle?

I saw in the circle of friends two days before

a former colleague issued said: "there is a creative W, a creative name is KARMA, but no one thinks is the customer’s brand" after the heart can not help but sigh. Is it really a film and television entertainment industry?

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