A station for Chinese online 250 million capital valuation reached $1 billion 850 million

in the two dimension of the world, young people and expression of their own discourse system, Moran has publicly said "sub culture is continuously infiltrated to the mainstream culture, the Internet has entered the era of the bonus youth gradually became a young man, a barrage of video standard, but into the commercial road station A but still in the loss situation, I do not know road geometry.

investment community news November 22nd, Chinese online (Stock Code: 300364) days before the announcement that the online Chinese intends to Guangzhou barrage Network Technology Co. Ltd. (A station) and the original shareholders signed the capital increase agreement, to be invested 250 million yuan in cash to subscribe for a 13.51% stake in A station. According to the contribution and proportion, the estimated A station is expected to reach 1 billion 850 million yuan. After the completion of the capital increase, the Chinese online A station to become the second largest shareholder.


A was founded in 2007, based on the 90, 00 after the two dimension of Pan Asian culture community, starting from the barrage video, gradually developed into a comprehensive barrage of video website. Currently, A station has been through its own traffic to obtain advertising and marketing revenue, while guiding the user to produce a fan effect online, offline consumption characteristics.

according to the investment community statistics, as of now, A station has completed the 4 round of financing, details are as follows:


comes to A station, you can not fail to mention the way of layoffs, downtime, infighting and a series of storm and love and hate and B station.

The first is the management of

is not stable, it is reported that from station to station in 2014, A has changed hands 4, the night of April 27, 2014, micro-blog announced its official station Simon left A station.


July 1, 2016, chairman and CEO Moran for personal reasons resigned from all positions, rushed next attracted speculation, people naturally think of May this year exposed the massive layoffs and executives infighting rumors. Life is the two dimension, death is also the two dimension, a A station executives said, "every time for management, you will begin to say, this is a new beginning, but in the end, everyone began to become itself".

As for the

B station, there is a saying, "if not that AcFun is down too much, maybe it wouldn’t have got B". What is the cause of the July 2009, A began to visit because of the failure of the station, downtime for a month in the space station A "Bishi" members of the old Xu Yi, built another video station "mikufans" at the end of 9, the same year on the line, this site is now B station.

but B station can be described as latecomers, the establishment has also completed the 4 round of financing, details are as follows:

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