On the promotion and optimization techniques of online shopping mall

in recent years, the emergence of a large number of domestic B2C e-commerce website, in the 08 years of economic crisis, not only has no effect on the B2C website, but to the B2C website has brought new hope, because online transactions to reduce the transaction costs of businesses in the economic crisis, businesses are aware that the role of the Internet also, have joined the ranks of the electronic commerce, however, operation and promotion of an e-commerce website operation early is very important, share operation and popularization of electronic business of their own, I hope you give advice.

1: early site positioning

The site location of

an online mall early is very important, including the operation direction of the website, the website title keywords positioning, positioning, operating a good site location for the late, promotion and optimization play a very good role. Do not prepare the most basic things, the latter work is very difficult.

2: website optimization

1: web frame structure

We all know that

is known now, is conducive to the site to site optimization is the DIV+CSS framework structure and generating static pages, so it is beneficial to the search engine to grab a lot of help and read web pages in.

two: website keywords optimization

(I): keyword selection

should follow the analysis of the purpose of the construction site, according to customer groups, and website content, the customer search keywords selection habits, list all the keywords, and then through the keyword search engine included user attention, the number of web pages, competitor analysis site key word, choose the competition is weak, and a high degree of user attention to some key words. According to the theme of the site, determine the site’s core keywords and its expansion keywords, long tail keywords.

(two): keyword density

keyword density is recommended for Baidu 1%~7%, Google proposal is 2%~8%, page content should contain keywords, and keyword density, control in about 5%.

(three): keyword distribution

keyword is best distributed in the first 200 words of the article inside, and from left to right, the importance of descending. Keyword density is important, but the natural feeling of the article is also very important, so you can not add keywords and not related to the article. This is likely to be punished by search engines. Key words: density distribution principle, in general: concentration dispersion concentration.

(four): keywords and content relevance

If the content of the

website is a computer, but the content of the website is other messy thing. So it is easy to be regarded as cheating by search engine.

three: site optimization and site optimization outside the station

station optimization to do >

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