How to do email marketing

mail marketing is not only QQ mail marketing, including 163 mailboxes, such as e-mail, 126. E-mail marketing network marketing is a good way to promote, because of its less investment, return, is an effective way of marketing. We do email marketing software Xiaofeng lottery sales is mainly products, now email marketing can be said of the feasible degree of disaster caused by flooding water users, greatly reduce the difficulty of promoting marketing, email now is very large, this is the problem we need to customer service is also a big problem.

e-mail marketing how to start, in the difficult problem or from the basic steps, so as to find the problem. Our construction site is mainly Xiaofeng lottery lottery software marketing Station, on the other hand, the marketing promotion is mainly rely on the email marketing. I have done several years of lottery software marketing e-mail. From the beginning of the click of the message to a few percent to more than 10 percent, in the continuous research, and now to a few percent, such a click rate in the organic marketing CTR is very high. This is my experience in the past few years, the e-mail marketing experience to share with you to share.

first determine the working procedure:

1, the mailbox account collection: mainly to buy bulk mail account, and their own customer e-mail sorting;

2, mail template design: This is an important part of e-mail marketing;

3, the way to send the message: manual send, send software;

4, the contents of the message: including 1) title, address, text, etc.; 2) text content, image content; this is the core content of e-mail marketing;

5 mailbox settings: sender name (such as our website name, signature netwall Xiaofeng lottery) and auto reply set;

7, mail effect test: before the official mass e-mail, you can test how long it is best to send Email.

8, the effect of monitoring e-mail: E-mail statistical data analysis, mail effect analysis is very important.

e-mail marketing is mainly to analyze the work of the data, the design of the mail template and the content of the writing is the need for post marketing data analysis. Only such mail marketing is effective. Our previous e-mail marketing Xiaofeng lottery software is very difficult, because in the long term of data analysis, continuous improvement to this effect.

we do email marketing Xiaofeng lottery software mainly analysis from the following aspects:

1, analysis of the arrival rate of mail

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one of the most basic analysis, if the message cannot reach, email marketing work is impossible, this work also needs analysis. When we do Lottery Email Marketing, bulk mail will be used as spam, which will affect the click rate. Sometimes >

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