WeChat to promote the sharing of practical skills

network marketing development for 10 years, the marketing team is constantly expanding, constantly trying new marketing methods, the Internet and WeChat, is what we need to study now, WeChat debut three years, have more than 600 million of the trial users, visible WeChat is how powerful! With the increasing trend of WeChat users group more and more businesses, smell the opportunity, have to use WeChat to do the promotion, and promotion of WeChat platform better than the public number. The public is more and more popular, anyone can open their own registered public account, many enterprises in the WeChat platform to the public accounts, want to use this function module to better carry out the popularization of WeChat promotion. So, how to promote their own public official number? WeChat public number promotion way is undoubtedly the public number plus powder, increase graphic reading, increase forwarding share, to increase the original reading, these ways can you spread a lot of information, the current WeChat two development, so WeChat marketing becomes more meaningful and! Some of the details are a lot of people will ignore the



WeChat to promote the experience of a: Trumpet push large

No matter how

is used to do the promotion, forum, or WeChat, all cannot do without the power vest trumpet. So, we must try to apply for the trumpet, and then add a large number of friends, to promote the official public number, the unified management of fans.

WeChat promotion experience two: the use of activities to attract fans

do activities to attract fans of the method is not only suitable for promotion and micro-blog, also applies to WeChat promotion. The release of various activities on WeChat to attract the attention of fans is the most simple method, although it may be put in a small activity funds, but compared with the late income is very worthwhile. Of course, if it can be carried out under the same period of online promotions, for the establishment of corporate brand image is more beneficial. A simple case is to sign up activities, which is to attract consumers to pay attention to long-term and deepen the impression of a good activity strategy, suitable for reference in many industries.

WeChat promotion experience three: learn to use software to promote

do anything actually have a shortcut, and the use of Boyang one-stop network marketing management platform http//pomg.softweibo.com byond WeChat promotion software (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at accurate interactive marketing) is a shortcut to power, WeChat promotion, since the network has a ready-made marketing tool why not try it? Most of the time, a casual accidental collision will produce to our surprise effect, in the promotion of WeChat prevalent today, appear Boyang WeChat promotion software is not accidental, therefore, can not hope to make full use of.

WeChat promotion experience three: learn to share

sharing is one of the important means of marketing, sometimes in a very short time to gather a high popularity

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