Micro-blog users in China within two months to double the coverage of the week exceeded 20 million

Event Background:

micro-blog has developed rapidly in China and become a new competitive point for major portals and Internet companies. The famous grassroots micro-blog " Fanfou " in July 2009 suddenly closed, indicating that micro-blog in the market competition, small and medium-sized operators living environment is worrying, micro-blog operators need relatively high threshold.

Ari analysis:

China micro-blog market is still in the user training period

According to iResearch

iResearch launched the Internet user behavior study continuous system iUserTracker the latest data show that micro-blog Chinese subscribers are on the rise, from March 1st until May 23rd, the user scale growth rate of 128.3%, the rapid growth of. However, compared with the number of users, such as social networking sites and blogs, such as the number of people covered by hundreds of millions of users, has not set up their own micro-blog, micro-blog is not popular. Ai Rui believes that China’s micro-blog market is still in the user training period, user stickiness and user behavior continuity also need further improvement.


micro-blog market tends to focus on grassroots micro-blog and small and medium sized micro-blog is difficult to have room for development

China currently on the Internet, covering the number of users more than million micro-blog operators is less than 20, with the four major portal Sina, Tencent, NetEase and Sohu have joined the competition in the market, with deep industry accumulation and user resources in the Internet industry in the Qihoo and Baidu have involved. According to iResearch launched iResearch Internet user behavior study continuous system iUserTracker the latest data show that most of the pages China micro-blog user access number, page number and effective browsing time is concentrated in the top three operators in the hands of micro-blog.

shows that micro-blog is moving in the direction of the development of the market concentration, the bigger the user scale can reflect the micro-blog communication model value, the amount of information the user gets more and more, so most users will be more large-scale operators to attract. Small and medium grassroots micro-blog operators in the Internet industry has been the lack of brand reputation accumulation and accumulation of users, even if the funds are also difficult to retain users in the homogenization of product competition. The core competitiveness of the original resource accumulation, also did not become an independent school technology development capability and product operation ability to subvert the traditional model, the prospects for the development of grassroots micro-blog operators is not optimistic, it is difficult to develop a comprehensive large-scale micro-blog website, prepared in advance mode conversion or vertical segments of the operation may be one way out.


micro-blog market is facing policy threshold

on the other hand, network security issues are the basis for the healthy development of an open platform, each operator must invest the necessary attention, this is the policy environment

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