Daily topic WeChat 5 on the line to add a number of functional giants have to be careful

station network (www.admin5.com) August 8th news, WeChat Android 5 version will be launched today, and will be used in the exclusive debut treasure 3 days. Users will be able to download the new version of WeChat through the application of treasure as well as Tencent mobile Butler download software.

compared to the WeChat 5 iPhone version has the function of WeChat, Android 5 version also made some optimization, such as the game in the center of the "love every day to eliminate" the game can be downloaded directly in WeChat, while the iOS version must be downloaded in APP Store. In addition, the expression store to buy the expression, click the price will pop up after the bank card information confirmation window, jump directly to WeChat to pay, without having to go through the App Store channel.

but WeChat’s 5 line of people are most concerned about is the WeChat payment, WeChat games and WeChat public account problem. The WeChat 5 main interface changes is not small, the bottom bar WeChat WeChat, mail list, friends and set the four interface in the WeChat 5, "friends" to "find" icon into the shape of the eye, which includes the circle of friends, sweep and shake and the nearby people and other functions; "set" instead of "I", which includes "my album", "my favorites", "face the store" and "setting" function. For WeChat public account, WeChat 5 also has a lot of adjustment. At present, the public account can push content to the user, and are displayed in the main interface of WeChat, in fact, some users constitute harassment. In WeChat 5, the public account is divided into service number and subscription number of the top two categories, the user’s attention to public accounts will be included in these two columns. If the public account is updated, the main interface will be like "circle of friends", and not only shows a red dot displays the number, users need to click into the can view, thus avoiding the public account too much of the user’s mobile phone screen.

in fact, the most compelling is the number of WeChat to pay. The basic technology of this new feature is provided by Tencent’s third party payment platform. With WeChat after payment, WeChat users can bind caifutong account or bank card, purchase and complete the payment link in WeChat public account, the payment can choose to use caifutong, can also direct payment by bank card. In the PC era, Tencent.com’s TenPay and Ali’s direct competition with Alipay, caifutong has been weak. WeChat provides micro payment function, the pattern began to change. There is no doubt that Alipay uneasy. Currently, micro payment compared with Alipay mobile phone has its advantages and disadvantages. Micro payment advantage is the massive number of users, and more user stickiness, occupies a longer period of time, weaknesses is the lack of payment scenarios; Alipay is backed by Taobao, Tmall on the contrary, a payment environment.

a APP developer get WeChat 5 beta version, with a group of entrepreneurs to be Tencent kill, because WeChat sweep.

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