High German anti Baidu map industry is no longer the two pattern

days ago, Alibaba in the Yunxi conference, President Yu Yongfu announced the high moral map of High German map mobile phone client Nikkatsu data has exceeded Baidu maps, to achieve the industry’s first goal. At the same time, Gould also announced a number of third party monitoring data, monitoring data of Ari mUserTracker, High German map mobile phone client (not including high German navigation, apple maps) the latest daily active equipment number is about 29 million 831 thousand and 900, ranked first in the category of map navigation, Baidu maps daily active device data ranking the second is 28 million 88 thousand and 700.

in the daily use of frequency and duration, High German has become ranked first in the market: High German map mobile phone client (single) per capita total daily use was 2.48 times per capita (single) daily total effective use of time is 17.08 minutes, Baidu map is respectively 2.06 times and 8.04 minutes.

interesting is that Baidu maps subsequently expressed the. In this regard, Yu Yongfu confidently said, do not want to run a point, we do not want war of words, if not satisfied, but also allow third parties to embed code monitoring and verification." Obviously, Yu Yongfu in the Alibaba Yunxi conference announced High German map users officially surpass Baidu map, Baidu map will inevitably think will come to challenge.

so, High German map what emboldened to


a, high moral map APP has a faster growth rate of

according to the QuestMobile statistics show that in March 2016, High German map APP MAU growth rate of 126.7%, while Baidu map APP growth rate of only 25.4%, High German map Baidu map of the growth rate of nearly 5 times; over the same period, High German map APP DAU growth rate of 189.1%, while Baidu map APP growth rate of 40.7%, High German map APP Baidu map APP growth rate is more than 4 times! In addition, from the High German eleven golden week data also showed that the cumulative map navigation service for more than 2 billion times the number of planning, driving navigation mileage over 3 billion kilometers, and the new user growth rate is still maintained at more than 100%.

according to Baidu map 2016 second quarter earnings data show that the number of monthly active users of Baidu maps reached 343 million, an increase of 13%. Seen in this light, High German map is indeed faster than Baidu maps have a user growth rate, Yu Yongfu took over the map of the two years in the time of Gao De, high moral map has been shrinking and Baidu map gap.

two, high moral map APP more focused

Yu Yongfu took over in September 2014 after the High German map, announced the High German map in three years without commercial goals. At the same time, high moral map began to continue to cut O2O business, and focus all efforts to focus on product and traffic data mining. High German is focused on the development of high precision map technology, from data collection, processing so that

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