China electronic commerce retail and service enterprise financing list


] 2003-2012 billion state power network, China electricity supplier industry has disclosed the investment of nearly 300, which has to disclose the amount of investment portfolio is about 200, the total investment amount of approximately $7 billion disclosure. In the proportion of investment in the industry, online retail (B2C) accounted for up to 80%; electronic payment, e-commerce service providers also have a certain proportion of financing.

it is understood that only in 2011 the field of e-commerce has been disclosed in a total of more than and 90 investment and financing, including venture capital from the beginning of the year, the total amount of more than 20 billion yuan; IPO from the beginning of, raising the total amount of 2 billion; M & A from 2.

from nearly two years of financing amount and quantity of B2C is still the mainstream industry, but began to shift the direction of investment from the downstream enterprises to the middle, in terms of industry segments, more B2C venture enterprises are mainly distributed in the luxury brand clothing, footwear, cosmetics, liquor, comprehensive, foreign trade, bags and other categories.

The following is

billion state power network finishing part of e-commerce retail and service enterprise financing list:

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