How to get foreign orders

today to open a message to work, they found that the mailbox stuffed with an e-mail, is a foreign mail, order. So come and share experience, our company is to provide a lighting factory, these two years, we have paid attention to the network promotion this one, Baidu bidding, all domestic e-commerce platform to do, but we also have to face the fact that the domestic profit is more and more low, with unexpectedly a white hot competition, all sights overseas, our company is no exception, the Alibaba also paid for the international station for foreign customers, because do not understand the basic English, are entrusted to someone else to do, the effect is not ideal.

in the network promotion this one made a plan, as long as the e-commerce platform for free, all to register, SEO, comprehensive, focused on fishing, recently in a web site registered domestic station, by the way English registered their international standing but I don’t understand English, is not a bit understand, but I was really built a English version of the shops, and today the inquiry, to achieve cooperation. Now I would like to share with you how to get an order without knowing english. First screenshot.


now I teach you how to register in this website, the promotion of foreign trade.

first open web site


Click on the

Sign In to enter the member login page, Join Free is a member of the registration, if you are a member in the factory of the world network of domestic edition, without re registered here, you can directly enter the user name.


enter user name and password, enter the background. This is an English interface, so it is not conducive to the operation of domestic users, we choose the language in the Chinese OK (this is a very bad)


chose Chinese after the background becomes Chinese interface, so that the operation had been more profitable. This interface is easy to understand.


so you can add a normal business, add product supply information, it is very easy.

if you already have an English international station in Alibaba, it is very convenient, there are moving features, a key can be moved over there to the station. Select the "import from other platforms" point the next page, enter your address in the Alibaba shop on it. Note:, just enter ABC on the line.



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