Mobile nternet development to the second phase of the shopping application will become mainstream

NetEase Francisco in June 18th sponsored by the school on behalf of the network of mobile e-commerce will be the topic, founding partner of innovation works Wang Hua, vice president Li Mingyuan, UC excellent as the music Amoy new media, senior high Shaoxing network marketing expert Ren Xin, serves network strategic development director Yang Xiaoying, Dorman CEO Qi Yujie and other guests were wonderful to share.

mobile Internet development to the second stage

The development of

mobile e-commerce

Wang Hua believes that the mobile Internet has been developed to the second stage. 2010 is the first stage, based on the main tools, let the media become good, users from geeks extended to public, such as mobile phone browser, mobile phone security. Last year to this year is the second wave, the main products are entertainment applications, including instant messaging, SNS, games, music, video, e-books, users reached 27 million, of which about ten million iPhone users, Android users about fifteen million. 2012 mobile Internet users will be more than 100 million, the user needs of the third phase will be transformed into local life services, activities, travel arrangements.

mobile phone application development trend

see the trend of application of data from the iPhone platform ahead of Android, its current state often indicates that after three or four months of Android, iPhone application is now popular has been changing from entertainment to shopping application.

Li Mingyuan share a number of important data, mobile Internet in high school, more than 84% of secondary school users accounted for more than. Many student users, reaching 36.9%. 27.8% of the monthly income of 1000 to 1900 yuan; 34.5% is the freedom of occupation or no fixed income groups, but the consumption ability is very strong, need to pay special attention to.

mobile online shopping user categories: high-end and low-end

issues and opportunities

Li Mingyuan think that iPhone, Android and other high-end users is the transfer of the original PC end shopping crowd, they have a strong awareness of Taobao, Jingdong and other brands; the functional needs of many, such as online parity, barcode scanning rate. While Java, MTK and other low-end users belong to the original mobile phone users, is to expand the blue ocean market, will become a hotly contested spot network. Their brand awareness is low, easy to accept new business brand and product brand. The challenge lies in the high cost of client installation, many of them in the three or four tier cities, there may be no e-mail, online payment.

said Shaoxing Le Amoy mobile point early in December of last year started, the biggest difficulty of mobile providers is a human problem, especially the problem of iPhone and iPad to recruit talent development. He thinks it’s time to get technical colleagues to tap talent, or look for outsourcing companies. Music user

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