Good neighbors five basic judgments about the future of retailing

[Abstract] O2O, retail to where? Billion state power network put the question to a number of retail practitioners at the end of 2015. Good neighbors founder gives five basic judgment.

judge one: after entering the post industrial era, consumption will be dominated by experience

"in the process of industrialization, we buy mainly functional goods, the home did not buy a TV, no cell phone to buy a cell phone. But after industrialization to post industrialization to experience as the main body, this time you do not lack of television at home, but I heard that millet out of a TV, would like to change a. I already have a lot of suits, but just look at the suit today like, bought. This is not functional, and buy is the experience.


good neighbor founder directors to cultivate

functional products to meet the typical needs, corresponding to the experience of goods or brand goods, such as Muji, you like this tune, with the price.

five years or so, experiential shopping will be more than functional experience, accounting for over."

judgment two: in solving the experience, the electricity supplier does not have the advantage of

the first value of the electricity supplier is to solve the problem of buying goods across time and space, to solve the flow of goods itself, that is, I can buy the first time in Beijing, Tibet goods. Whether you go to work or not, 24 hours a day can buy things, provides a cross space facilities. The second value is that through the transparency of information, the price of some functional goods down.

these two values for functional goods, the advantage is more prominent, but the advantage is not prominent in the experience of goods. Because of the experience of goods, the function is not to provide feelings.

feel I think is the full channel, and some goods may be better on the Internet, some goods may be better online, not necessarily. For example, Huangtaiji removed this brand, into the street, and any pancakes than not for it, but it is the establishment of the online brand.

electricity supplier is not completely unable to bear the experience, but the electricity supplier experience is a subdivision, not an absolute, not a monopoly.

is a customer experience goods, including the hammer is.

experience on the Internet is difficult to build up, can not build up to bargain. Man is an animal, the human senses is full, and the screen is just a vision, the future may one day be able to transfer texture, touch screen can touch what feeling, of course, that is the future, we discuss this problem a little early today."

judgment three: O2O is the traditional business information and networking

O2O is actually a pseudo proposition, called Online To Offline, covering everything, it is difficult to become a so-called business model, it >

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