Enterprise content optimization is the key to do content marketing

a website marketing, content optimization is the key, but also a strong foundation for a variety of marketing tools to ensure. The traditional way of marketing blog marketing, marketing, marketing is now popular social marketing, WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, but no matter what kind of marketing is used, can not be separated from the high quality content. High quality content is actually to improve the user experience. Do lottery website content marketing method is the same, the optimization of the content is the key. Take Xiaofeng lottery website content marketing as an example, I talk about doing Shuangseqiu this page, how to achieve the effect of content marketing content optimization.

Why is

content marketing we talked about, because the website content is a link with the user, we do the lottery industry, makes the enterprise website is mainly for the sale of products, so the contents of the http://s.7ien.cn/ssq.aspx Shuangseqiu lottery website construction need to convey valuable information to the user, so as to establish effective communication with users. Content marketing is the key to the user is attractive enough, so it is necessary to do a good job of content optimization, I mainly from the following three aspects:

1, text optimization

text is a website which is the most common form of the main text, optimizing the main aspects from which, in my text optimization Shuangseqiu lottery website content as an example, text optimization mainly includes:

(1) of the original text, the original article is from the view of optimization for search engines, search engine users after Baidu search is the biggest, the content of the article is in line with the original search optimization rules engine. Do text optimization lottery Shuangseqiu page, the original article is my attention to, but not all articles are original, my time is limited, generally every day of the original article in about 2 articles about.

(2) the content of the quality to be high, the original article also pay attention to the readability of the content, uniqueness, but the general editor is not so high ability to write such a high quality article. So we can collect some of the articles, to increase the readability of the article, integrity, current affairs, uniqueness. The optimization of the text so that the search engine in line with the user experience.

2, image optimization

image is also an important part of the content of the site, the image can be intuitive to the user to convey information, but also users like to see part of. I do image optimization lottery Shuangseqiu page mainly from the following aspects:

(1) use the ALT tag, I do lottery Shuangseqiu page images using the alt attribute, it included easy search engine.

(2) pictures with text notes, although the picture allows users to look more intuitive, but the annex text description, easy for users to understand and memory.

(3) image size adjustment, this I am deep body >

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