Daily topic Jingdong PO will become the next Amazon

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 17th news, although the market has been more than half a month to start, the discussion on the listing of Jingdong is still very lively. After all, this is the first Chinese companies listed in the United States in 2014, is by far the largest single e-commerce in China IPO. But people talk more or Jingdong is China’s Amazon, or another dangdang. In fact, the capital market for a company to consider more about the future and its performance. According to the founder of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong personality, perhaps as long as he is enough. Jingdong ten years of entrepreneurship, and finally came to a key time node.

China B2C electricity supplier on behalf of the enterprise, familiar to ordinary consumers, but also for the attention of the financial sector, its founder and chairman Liu Qiangdong also boarded the 2011 annual economic figures cctv. In fact, the Jingdong store is in the three quarter of 2011 was the first foreign media exposed is preparing IPO. However, after two and a half years, the prospectus was officially published Jingdong. The two and a half hours, the electricity supplier industry from fanatical pursuit is to dilute cold front traveling. The Jingdong store the sprint IPO, although concern, but for some spectators, but "all look so long to see a TV series finale" mentality.

now Jingdong layout in the logistics has been completely differentiated. Data show that the current number of Jingdong couriers reached 18 thousand people in the city has 1453 express stations, while the establishment of a storage center in the city of 34 cities. And this is the biggest difference between Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies in china.

take Jingdong and Amazon is inappropriate, I think Jingdong is more like an online WAL-MART, is a retailer." Plateau representation. From the perspective of goods and architecture, Amazon some, Jingdong have, but from the perspective of revenue structure, Jingdong and Amazon is not the same. At present, the Amazon from the financial point of view, the retail business is still a loss, but the money is in addition to other retail business abroad, there are four main blocks: network advertisement, digital publishing, streaming media and cloud computing services. In cloud computing, for example, Amazon cloud computing services in addition to hundreds of thousands of individuals and corporate customers, the world’s more than 2000 research institutions and government agencies are using 500. Jingdong, although there are cloud computing team and layout, but there is still a long way from the company’s contribution to income. Jingdong’s prospectus shows that 85% of Jingdong’s revenue comes from home appliances and digital products, such products gross margin and repeat purchase rate is relatively low, and more than $70% of revenue from proprietary business

Analysis of

has been a concern of the industry investment professionals carefully studied Jingdong mall prospectus: "Jingdong is the biggest selling point exists as an alternative to Taobao. From the point of view of financial statements, the Jingdong such a large volume, (before the three quarter profit of 60 million) and it is not worth mentioning, 60 million operating profit, mainly rely on the interest income and subsidies. Interest income

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