114LA quietly revised to increase the pace of entering Taobao

today 114LA found when it is ready to change, glanced down the new layout (http://s.114la.com/new/), the overall style is not much change, the biggest change in the middle there, in the original "energy-saving" next joined a "Taobao shopping" and a "financial stock".


point to open the "Taobao shopping" is a classic Taobao station interface, just inside the URL is the extension of 114la links only, although what 114la do this just to own more cash flow, but as a guest of Taobao I think this is a cup for us, Taobao was off have many webmaster heart cold restore meaning, and now such a strong opponent. Amoy seems greater pressure.

has gone through Ali’s mother will be replaced by TOP, Taobao tried to re welcome Baidu, and now rumors Taobao shop to pay taxes, after a series of strikes, I do not know how many owners can adhere to the. A Taobao toy station I do: www.taobaowanju.com.cn from the line until now did not have a transaction (also have their own reasons), more outrageous is originally intelligent advertising toys now actually put yourself into the clothes…… Ali mother more and more disappointing.

China’s Internet crisis and opportunity in 2010, let us find their own way.

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