Come out to the shop, is also worth seeing Hair O2O pumpkin car was $10 million A round of financing

In June this year when the

36 is the first report of krypton "pumpkin cart", when the market for home mode is in the stage of fanaticism, it is interesting that this focus on the field of hairdressing O2O startups, and did not choose to follow suit to shout "home" slogan, but takes the traditional mode to the shop.

now door-to-door service shihengbianye, in addition to the leader of a two segments out, most of them died. It is at the beginning to "shop" "minority" came the good news: Pumpkin car founder Lu Xin to 36 krypton revealed that the company has received tens of millions of dollars in A round of financing in the near future, is to lead investor, with investment funds, including light Luanshan fund, IDG and Li Zhiguo. This round of financing will be mainly used for platform strategy, marketing, operating rules, as well as the introduction of several major aspects of the introduction of talent.

Lu Xin’s last Title is the chief flow officer of public comment, before the start of the business for a full 7 years of O2O, talked about the cooperation of the more than and 200 segments of the industry. In accordance with the comments (public comment) data, the domestic line has 270 stores, but the industry is in a very small and scattered state, so the opportunity for a large platform." She also said that if the comment is addressed is "user to store", so the pumpkin car want to do is "user" – by providing online booking tools and offline site directly connect users and hairdresser.

to the hairdresser, as long as after receiving a single good service, do not need to sell hair, do card, you can get a high proportion of commissions, income difference is only personal skills. In other words, they are equivalent to the pumpkin car platform opened their own virtual brand salon, you can freely manage their users, time and work, and maintain the relationship between the guests.

Since the

platform to do, traffic is definitely a must pass the threshold. For this question, Lu Xin’s explanation is: she believes that the highest level of marketing called bilateral effect, for example, we often receive Taobao promotional messages, which is Taobao’s own hair? Taobao has about 6000000 sellers, each seller will help it to do marketing, re purchase rate." In other words, "the starting point of pumpkin car" is the first prize stylist at the end, encourage them to spontaneously share leisure time through social media users in the real.


at present, pumpkin car platform on the hairdresser has more than 6000, mainly divided into two types: the first from the self built 12 stores (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing three); second from the cooperative store (personal studio based), about 6000. Lu Xin said that from September last year, they began to start a platform for cooperation strategy, such as Shanxi she ya, the purpose is to quickly cover more areas. In her view, the specialty of the hairdressing industry is

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