Open up a green channel for graduate employment

out of the campus, with graduates with revenge, bound to tie itself around in the talent market, the major job will be the city, take the lead, talk about their own experience, to find a job as a target of the classic theory has already been confirmed that many graduates, but I think it has another purpose is to understand the city. The traffic route in the shortest time, all is the employment pressure high fu.

But the truth is to type

participate in the recruitment, put the most energy, who can guarantee that every day is the best in fine fig who can guarantee? Has been no experience of retaining a sense of loss and frustration at the door? Organism society is full of contradictions! Struggling back and forth, struggling to sell yourself tired of being modest, confident smile, but also struggling to buy tickets for the wallet recruitment. No high gold content of the internship units, no work experience, 07 years of nearly 500000, 0 of the graduates may have experienced the nightmare of 08 years or later, the employment of you, don’t want to repeat it?

was busy for you, whether seriously thinking about what is really focused on employers? A few enough to sum up the work experience, practical results, speech and deportment. Many recruiters will ask nothing more than: there is no work before? There is no training experience? The only one purpose, they need to be able to immediately post in handy, as soon as possible to create value for the enterprise people, while graduates only theory can only be empty talk, no practical experience in the operation of the market so, they rejected.

is the open era, supporting network Fu, now you can avoid detours, try a unique method of packaging themselves, grow their own think tank, we call it a Witkey website opened up a no one had walked through the passage, theoretical knowledge + charging mode of network combat + = new economic benefits without the crowded Bridge thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Simple login, easy free registration, to participate in all kinds of reward task bidding, immediately in front of you to present a full realization of the value of the opportunity of heaven and earth, you have absolutely no idea, as long as the person with the idea, can understand what is called "the day as you fly high, the width of your jump" state, regardless of your major is science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, or foreign language, art, construction, economy, absolutely can find interesting or have you completed the task. In the course of the design, there will be several ways to benefit you:

NO.1 is to expand their knowledge and ability test, in the first time to contact the society, have defined the term of the subversion in the campus, take you directly from the ideal state of Platon type as soon as possible into the realistic world, strengthen the adaptability of

NO.2 fully understand what is of social value, what kind of idea in order to bring the perfect propaganda effect for the enterprise or individual or a more perfect program, and then fill their own rice bowl

NO.3 let yourself at age

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