Liu Ren Zou Shenglong is not evasive in the face of copyright

1.2006 years, when China military boycott Thunder download station, Zou Shenglong went to Beijing, I said to him: "the thunder grew so fast that we haven’t used it has a thunderbolt, first to make a profit, in the meantime, you should have more interests, and they compromise." Now, there is no download station to resist the thunder, they are busy and thunder cooperation.

2 I have criticized another web site has copyright issues, the site choose silence to. February 2008, Zou Shenglong said to me: thunder will come up with some of the benefits, and copyright compromise……"

3 of the original copyright interests chain, no thunder, thunder with innovative mode, squeeze the user access to the forefront of video content. At this point, the thunder has two options: 1, do not recognize the death of copyright issues; 2, and copyright compromise. At this time, the copyright also has two options: 1, to 2, as the thunder go bankrupt; cinemas and CD retail stores, that thunder is another kind of distribution channels, and its benefit.

4 I once wrote that "copyright value" is created by both the owner and the user. Before Teresa Teng became famous, he sang a song with a profit of 10 yuan, and sang a song after becoming famous. The profit was $100 thousand. Before and after fame, Teresa Teng’s singing skills did not improve 10 times, but her income has increased by a factor of 10 thousand. What are the reasons for the need for more and more audiences to raise the price of Teresa Teng’s songs?.

5 before the advent of the Internet, fame channel is very narrow, very few singers, singers premium ability is very high, the singer’s high premium ability to cover up the copyright is created and created by users of the facts. The Internet is coming, attention is scarce. The concentration of the user’s attention is also very valuable, even more valuable. A huge amount of attention to grasp the thunder, copyright, copyright can indeed make more valuable.

6 the rapid growth of the thunder, for many interest groups, is a "aggressor", the "invaders", after the advantage, but also aware of the "clawback", unlike some people take advantage of, only to a drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters. The winter of 2004, a CEO can I delete a report of their company suspected of gambling game news, he is required to remove the reason is: they bet more than lianzhong……

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