Long Xiaocong Zhenguan long song see Baidu web2.0

          I accidentally saw on the Internet, it was said that Baidu is the big winner of Web2.0, it is now walking the road of social search". As we all know, Web2.0 is the most important principle of user participation. The social search path is a large part of the search results will be mined from the user, the user contributed content, allowing users to share content. Now that Baidu’s "know" "Post Bar" "space" has been very familiar with, "Baidu index" "news" "yellow" and "antivirus" "dictionary" "music box" "video search" blog search ", be too numerous to enumerate.

          it seems that Baidu really wants to build itself into the Web2.0 Empire, these tools will produce huge content. It is understood that, in fact, search engines can only search out 14% of Internet content. At present, the search engine can not be called the true sense of maturity, it also needs to continue to research and development in artificial intelligence. If the search content can be extended to Web2.0, then the search will be more perfect and humane.

              recently, CCTV prime time broadcast "Zhenguan long song" the 82 episode TV series. I’m every set must see, but also have many problems in mind, so think through the Baidu Web2.0 to full understanding of this classic masterpiece directed by Wu Ziniu.

I to write curious questions:

1) national audience attention to "the Tang Dynasty";

2) the audience comments on "the Tang Dynasty";

3) the audience "Zhenguan long song" what questions to ask;

4) "Zhenguan long song" did not broadcast the story;

            the fourth question "Zhenguan long song" the outline of the story, in the Baidu web search can be found by. While the first national audience to "Zhenguan long song" the degree of concern? Need to set up this investigation investigation? How should start? Is a huge job to finish it, but also time-consuming. So I open the Baidu index, know that there are 16287 audience attention "Zhenguan long song" in Baidu today, from the beginning of January 27th launch, "Zhenguan long song" popular program rising, Baidu index is constantly updated, so that we can know all the time how many people like us on something.


          second questions, of course, open Baidu Post Bar >

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